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Chuck Syfrett


01 Chuck

Chuck received his BS in Business Management and is the driving force behind Syfrett Feed Company, Inc. He is the second generation owner and CEO of the company. His vision and determination has elevated Syfrett Feed Company Inc. from a local producer into a respected world class leader among feed supplies both local and international. He drives the need for quality feed produced for the local community and export.


Melissa Syfrett Montes de Oca

Chief Financial Officer and Project Manager

02 Melissa

Melissa received her BS in Agricultural Operations Management coupled with a minor in Agricultural Economics and Animal Nutrition. She has over 10 years of experience in Corporate Accounting and Financial Management. Melissa currently serves as a Chief Financial Officer and Project Manager she has effectively implemented procedural control improvements for financial statements. Melissa has extensive experience in the feed production and operations field, having served in a number of positions in the industry.


Charles Syfrett II

Agribusiness Management / Quality


Charles received his Bachelors of Science in Agribusiness Management and Minor in Animal Nutrition. He has been formulating rations for a wide range of animals for over 10 years. His focus is making quality rations that fit customer operations to maximize production and efficiency. Charles’ resources include staff PhD nutritionists. He has an uncanny ability to identify deficiencies in production and health within his clients animals.


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