01 historyWe started the business in 1956.  O.C. Syfrett built the first mill in Riviera Beach, FL.  Then the development on the coastal area’s started moving the dairy farms further inland.  Okeechobee County was the popular area for all the farmers to move inland to.  So, as a dairy feed manufacturer we also moved Syfrett Feed.


The new plant in Okeechobee was built in 1978.  Then in the 1990′s many of the dairy farms were purchased by the South Florida Water Management District because of their proximity to Lake Okeechobee.  This is when Syfrett Feed changed direction and started making chicken feed.  Since this move every few years we are changing and upgrading a part of the plant.  The plant that was built in 1978 is not recognizable today.  O.C. would never imagined that the plant he built would grow to what it is today.

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